Mattel's revamped doll looks a lot like today's celebrities

By EW Staff
December 05, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

Every time someone tampers with a classic, two words come to mind: New Coke. But when Mattel unveiled the revamped look of Barbie last week — smaller-eyed, narrower-nosed, and closed-mouthed — our first reaction wasn’t disdain, but rather deja vu. The toy giant claims the doll’s revamped features are not based on any real-life counterpart. ”There has never been a human model for Barbie,” says Mattel spokeswoman Lisa McKendall, who still adds she finds the face ”kind of Jennifer Aniston-y.” But we couldn’t shake the feeling that Barbie’s face was hauntingly familiar. Could it be because she’s actually a plastic version of…

Valerie Bertinelli?

Naomi Judd?

Natalie Portman?

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