These workout hotspots are full of celebs trying to trim up for their next big project


In Hollywood, where having the right body is almost as important as having the right car, choosing a gym is no easy task. Here’s a guide to the spots where L.A.’s chicest physiques get physical.

1106 N. La Cienega Blvd.

LOCATION: Roughly equidistant from the hip hotels Chateau Marmont and Mondrian.

ATMOSPHERE: Classic, with a glitch; fine art on the walls and Mozart on the stereo are incongruous with the club’s location under an Angelyne billboard.

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: More is more. A three-person training team lavishes attention on clients including Brad Pitt and model Rachel Hunter.

WHAT’S HOT: ”The Perfect Ten,” a $10,000, 10-week program designed to get stars in shape for filming — fast. Two workouts a day include Power Trip excursions like hiking in the Hollywood Hills.

THE BUZZ: This is the place to see Tinseltown’s power brokers on their best behavior. ”Everyone’s very polite to each other, in here at least,” says co-owner Alexis Valentin. Especially once they’ve seen you sweat.

650 N. Lapeer Drive

LOCATION: Deep inside the no-man’s-land of WeHo (West Hollywood) and Beverly Hills.

ATMOSPHERE: Anti-’80s excess. ”We’re in a big, ugly warehouse that’s clean. It’s hardcore,” says owner Michael Monteroso of his private-training-only club. The gym also boasts leaky ceilings and no air-conditioning.

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: No frills — and it’s working. Devotees include Sandra Bullock, Winona Ryder, and Matthew McConaughey.

WHAT’S HOT: Spinning, the Speed Center way. Think Boogie Nights on a bike, complete with disco ball and a laser light show.

THE BUZZ: This is where the ultrafamous come to be left alone. ”It’ll be four years in January, and still no one has heard of us,” boasts Monteroso.

726 S. La Brea Avenue

LOCATION: A strip mall in the still-uncool section of La Brea.

ATMOSPHERE: GoodFellas goes athletic. The club is essentially a warehouse with two boxing rings, a pool table, and a basketball hoop, evoking co-owner Phil Paolina’s Brooklyn roots.

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: Rocky Balboa did it, and so can you. Paolina believes boxing can give Hollywood folk the eye of the tiger. Among the success stories he thinks his training played a part in: Vince Vaughn and Pulp Fiction producer Stacey Sher.

WHAT’S HOT: Star-on-star sparring. When Gina Gershon took on Bob Dylan, ”he almost lifted off the ground and went flying through the ring,” says Paolina.

THE BUZZ: With its anti-chic appeal, the gym doubles as a party spot. Showtime had its Holyfield/Tyson VIP party here; United Talent Agency and Keenen Ivory Wayans’ show are planning to have their Christmas bashes at the club.

4000 Warner Blvd.

LOCATION: The Warner movie studio lot in Burbank.

ATMOSPHERE: Must See TV meets L.A. Confidential. Psst, those girls on the treadmill are from Friends — and that guy doing tricep presses is Clint Eastwood.