Singer's new album cover is nearly identical to last year's ''Trainspotting''

By Anna Holmes
Updated November 28, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

Does Trainspotting helmer Danny Boyle’s next film star Harry Belafonte, or are we tripping? Judging from the jacket of Belafonte’s An Evening With Harry Belafonte & Friends, there’s at least some trend spotting going on. ”It wasn’t conscious, but the minute I did it, it was absolutely Trainspotting,” says Carol Bobolts, whose cover design for the Belafonte disc starkly resembles the smack classic’s two CDs. ”We showed Harry 10 different covers; this was the one he was interested in.” For the Brit-pop-mad Boyle, the dupe isn’t likely to make his day-oh.