Stars like Ashley Judd, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Mariah Carey are walking red carpets with these tall heels

Stilettos are a hit this season

Being a star is a tough balancing act, but try doing it on four-inch heels. It’s the season of the stiletto pump, and that has celebrities tiptoeing.

Fans of the steel heel include Mariah Carey, who strutted in a pair by Gucci in her ”Honey” video, as well as Courtney Love, Ashley Judd, and Sheryl Crow, who have all worn the wobble-inducing pumps to Hollywood events. ”They make your legs look beautiful,” said En Vogue’s Terry Ellis at the VH1 Fashion Awards. The shoes also fit Sarah Jessica Parker, who gushed, ”They give you good pitch, like a Barbie doll.”

But doctors warn the shoes could turn women into Hammer Toe Barbies. ”It pushes the body forward, putting weight on the front part of the foot,” says Hiram Chirel of the New York State Podiatric Association, ”which could lead to problems like bunions and hammer toes.” That’s prompted at least one model to put her foot down. ”They’re not comfortable,” insists Claudia Schiffer. ”If I’m wearing stilettos with only a little tiny strap, there’s no way I can walk in them all evening.” That may work for Schiffer, but how do other fashion slaves avoid ankle-turning mishaps? ”It’s like getting to Carnegie Hall,” says Veronica Webb. ”Practice, practice, practice.”