Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't


Thanks for the eighth annual ”Power” issue (#403, Oct. 31). Once again, you’ve outdone yourself by recognizing not only those in front of the cameras but also those behind the camera, in front of the typewriter, in the boardrooms, and in the recording studios.
Sam Yuen

I thought your ”Power” issue was very fun to read. It was nice to see Steven Spielberg at the top of your list. He is well deserving of that title.
Melissa Char

Though I was honored to be included in your ”101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment” issue, I took exception to your assessment of my chairmanship of Elektra as one primarily concerned with R&B artists. In the past three years Elektra has broken such rock and country artists as Better Than Ezra, Nada Surf, Third Eye Blind, and Bryan White, while taking superstar artists such as Metallica, Bjork, Natalie Merchant, Phish, Tracy Chapman, and others to even greater heights. I personally signed alternative acts Better Than Ezra and Third Eye Blind. As the first African-American woman to head a major label, I have strived to maintain a balanced roster at Elektra, continuing the label’s historic tradition as a diverse, artist-driven environment. When conferring praise upon the powerful, it helps to adhere to the facts.
Sylvia Rhone
Chairman, CEO
Elektra Entertainment Group
New York City

I just read the ”Power” issue from cover to cover, like I always do, and am very happy to finally see a woman make the top five. It shows that it’s not a man’s world only and that a woman can have just as much power as any man. But I still can’t understand why The Spice Girls were even on the list. They haven’t had the many years it takes to earn real power. Yet as you said, bubblegum loses its flavor fast, and I have a feeling that pretty soon they will be on the ”What Ever Happened To?” list.
Rita Somerville
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Love the magazine, but your lack of consistency is annoying. George Lucas ranks as No. 6 in this year’s ”Power” issue, yet he was absent from last year’s? Seeing as how he continues to set the technological standard that Hollywood operates at, doesn’t he deserve an annual slot?
Mitch Youngblood

I would just like to commend the illustrators who worked on ”Power 101.” The drawings by Dan Adel, Owen Smith, Edmund Guy, and Anita Kunz were all especially entertaining! Thank you for making me laugh.
Angela D’Arpa
Shorewood, Ill.

Teachers across America should be hailing Ashley Judd as their national spokesperson and a wonderful American role model. Her quote saying that she would ”invert salaries so that teachers would make what actors do” has made her tops with this English teacher. What a wonderful thought that people who attempt to educate children would make the same salaries as an actor or actress. I’ve often thought that the whole order of things with salaries for actors and salaries for teachers was terribly skewed, but it’s great to know that someone like Ashley Judd agrees.
David C. Lowery
Heidelberg, Miss.