We compare Richard Gere's accent in ''The Jackal'' to earlier attempts at the Irish lilt

Maybe Tibetan issues kept Richard Gere from getting his Irish up, because the actor and Buddhist has a wee bit o’ trouble feigning an Irish accent in The Jackal. Of course, Gere isn’t the first star to attempt an Emerald Isle lilt. We took clips of Hollywood heavyweights invoking the spirit of the Blarney Stone and had them judged by a panel of experts: the patrons of Rocky Sullivan’s, an Irish pub in downtown Manhattan.

Actor Tom Cruise in Far and Away
Majority Opinion Laughable. ”That’s exactly what people think a leprechaun talks like.”
Saving Grace ”Of course, people in 19th-century Ireland sounded like that.”
BOLD “Rating*”] 1.5 pints

Actor Julia Roberts in Mary Reilly
Majority Opinion Lost. ”What part of Ireland are you from, love?”
Saving Grace ”She got better as the movie went on.”
Rating* 2.5 pints

Actor Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own
Majority Opinion As Irish as they get. ”Even his mannerisms, the way he moved his hands and face, were very Belfast.”
Saving Grace None needed
Rating* 4.5 pints

Actor Richard Gere in The Jackal
Majority Opinion Unlistenable. ”I wouldn’t have known he was playing an Irishman if you hadn’t told me.”
Saving Grace None found
Rating* 0 pints

*Out of five pints of Guinness stout

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