Her new tell-all book reveals scandalous details about her past

As a talk-show host, Jenny Jones has proved that no tawdry topic is off-limits. Now, with the release of her autobiography, Jenny Jones: My Story, the former stand-up comedian and Star Search winner reveals some of the sweeps-ready topics of her own life. Here’s a look.

Number of breast-implant operations Jones has had: 5

Number of times she had a garage sale to pay for her implants: 1

Number of game shows she’s appeared on: 3

Amount of money she won on The Price Is Right: $6,000

Number of unaired TV pilots in which she appeared in a hot tub with Tim Allen: 1

Number of times she’s been arrested: 4 — for carrying a gun in an airport; for being an illegal alien (the Canadian Jones was playing with a band in the U.S.); for shoplifting an iron (while she was a minor); and for breaking into a supposedly haunted house in Reno

Number of times she’s taken her Doberman to an animal psychic: 1

Number of times she refers to her boyfriend as ”my precious little puppy fluff”: 2