Travolta isn't the only ''Saturday Night Fever'' actor that's staying alive in the '90s

When John Travolta triumphantly reemerged from his decade-long career slump, he gave new meaning to the phrase staying alive. Surprisingly, many of his Fever colleagues have also enjoyed career resurgences. Two decades after Tony Manero boogied his way into our hearts, here’s an update on some of his crew.

FRAN DRESCHER (Connie): In her striking film debut, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it walk-on, the future Nanny asks Travolta if he’s as good in bed as he is on the dance floor. Frisky even back then, Drescher can be seen pinching Travolta’s tush. ”He could have fired me on the spot,” Drescher said last year, ”but John just smiled. He loved it.”

KAREN LYNN GORNEY (Stephanie): Tony’s moody dance partner, Gorney (who also played Tara on All My Children) has just appeared in an Off Broadway production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. Some feminists believe that after she broke Tony’s heart — still a taboo in movies — she never had much of a film career. Then again, maybe it was her thick regional accent.

BARRY MILLER (Bobby C.): Tony’s runty friend, the one who throws himself off a bridge, remains equally well-known for his role in Fame. In 1985, he won a Tony award for Biloxi Blues. His TV credits include ABC’s The Practice, which is televised — you guessed it — on Saturday night.

DONNA PESCOW (Annette): Tony’s painfully jilted first partner had no idea that her film debut would be the subject of discussion 20 years later. ”It was my first big job; I was just worried about getting through it,” she says. Most recently, Pescow has appeared on NYPD Blue and TV’s Clueless.

JOSEPH CALI (Joey): Best remembered for the scene in which he barks like a dog in a White Castle, Cali will costar with Christopher Walken in the upcoming Suicide Kings. His audio company, Cello, installs screening rooms (clients include Kenny G and Sugar Ray Leonard). A certified gearhead, Cali is dismayed that Paramount won’t be releasing an anniversary Fever on laserdisc. Says Cali, ”I don’t know what the hell they’re thinking.”