”Ten years from now I hope to have completed work on a device capable of time travel. Then I will travel back 10 years, pick myself up, and head out to the race-track, where the two of me will make a fortune. If all goes according to schedule, I should know by this week whether I succeeded 10 years from now. And if I did, so long, suckers!”
NewsRadio‘s Dave Foley on E! Online

”I’ve been shocked, actually, by the number of interviewers who’ve been titillated by the idea of what you’d change about yourself if we had this Gattaca technology. You’re just reminded that we had this so-called beacon of evil and sin, Adolf Hitler, who was trying to engineer his own master race. Yet now we go, ”Ooh, but if I could do my own master race…”
Gattaca‘s Ethan Hawke, on E! Online

”Everybody has a responsibility to know that what they do affects the world. Yeah, with celebrities, I think it’s just like having a big megaphone. Those people are affecting that many more people.”
— Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, discussing celebrity involvement in Tibet, on America Online’s The Hub

”I would say that [using] the opportunity I had to reflect while lying on my back in a Swiss hospital bed…I began to sense that my priorities had shifted somewhat…. And that I was looking forward to maybe a simpler life…with less travel involved.”
— Bill Berry, about leaving R.E.M. after recovering from brain surgery, on AOL’s MTV Online

”These wonderful actors from Shanghai and Beijing…were very kind and warm, but there was some distance [when we started working on Red Corner in L.A.]. After the first day, they all came up and said, ‘Mr. Gere, we had no idea you were like this. We were told you had horns, that you were a horrible person, that this whole Dalai Lama thing was about evil and destruction and violence. We’re so happy to see it’s not the case, and we’ll tell all our friends back in China.”’
— Richard Gere on E! Online