The Best of the Uncle Floyd Show

Has any comedy show in TV history lasted longer — or flown lower on the radar — than that of ”Uncle Floyd” Vivino? Whether on New Jersey cable, public TV, or in syndication, Floyd’s been winning over the likes of John Lennon, David Bowie, and Robin Williams with his faux kids’ show shtick since 1974. Unfortunately, these wildly uneven 142 minutes of tape, culled only from 1979 to 1981, are hardly his ”best,” with none of the big guests (from the Smothers Brothers to Howard Stern) who’d later visit. But the irrepressible anarchic spirit shines through in The Best of the Uncle Floyd Show as vaudeville jokes (”My wife’s an angel!” ”You’re lucky — mine’s still breathing”) yield to bighearted honky-tonk numbers and such pure silliness as an eating contest between Floyd’s friends and his dog. C+

The Best of the Uncle Floyd Show
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