Larry McMurtry, Comanche Moon

Comanche Moon

The Lone Star State?s answer to Charles Dickens weighs in with yet another sweeping horseback saga about the sentimental education of Texas Rangers Gus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call. Set in the Civil War era, this one?s a ?prequel? to Lonesome Dove and features many of the same characters in their younger days. As ever, the conflict that interests McMurtry at least as much as the mortal combat between warlike Comanches and their Texan counterparts is the struggle between wandering men and the women left behind. Readers who loved Lonesome Dove are apt to find Comanche Moon consistently entertaining. (Comanche Moon is getting the small-screen treatment by the same producers who made Lonesome Dove into one of TV?s finest miniseries.) But whether they?ll remember anything about it two weeks later is an open question.

Comanche Moon
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