Gross-out Gummo gets a fan in Manson


With willy-nilly scenes of kids sniffing glue, killing cats and disconnecting grandma from her life support system, 23-year-old director Harmony Korine?s gross-out show-and-tell flick “Gummo” has hardly been courting favor with the critics. Some fringe reviewers have praised the film?s inventiveness, but most others have had a hard time pinpointing its artistic value. Entertainment Weekly’s Lisa Schwarzbaum, for instance, gave the film an “F,” while The New York Times crowned “Gummo” “The worst movie of the year.”

So who would be more fitting to champion the out-to-shock film than the “Antichrist Superstar” himself, Marilyn Manson? “Never have I seen a more accurate and real depiction of white trash,” says rocker Manson. “I should know — I grew up in Ohio.”

Turns out, Manson isn’t the only celeb to endorse Korine’s vision of Hell in the Heartland. Madonna donated her hit “Like a Prayer” for the movie?s trailer and TV ads, and charged only a fraction of her usual fee to include the song in the film itself. While Madonna wouldn’t comment on the motives for her generosity, her support has helped add to the film’s infamy.

As for Manson’s attraction to Korine and “Gummo”? “It?s nice to know,” he explains, ” that the Christians will have someone new to hate more than me.”

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