A CONFESSION by Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli (right) that the pop duo hadn’t sung a note on its Grammy-winning album, Girl You Know It’s True, rocks the music world. The Grammy would be rescinded, and soon after the group would disappear. Both members are now attempting comebacks as solo acts, presumably singing for themselves. KEVIN COSTNER’s Dances With Wolves is a howling smash at the box office. Costner would win an Oscar for his directorial debut, beating Martin Scorsese for GoodFellas; Costner’s second film as director, The Postman, is due Dec. 25. AND SONNY BONO, the Republican mayor of Palm Springs, Calif., and Cher’s ex, announces he may run for the U.S. Senate. Opting for the House of Representatives, Bono would be elected in 1994 and would introduce an anti-paparazzi bill in the wake of Princess Diana’s death.

Dances with Wolves
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  • 183 minutes