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Fairy Tale: A True Story

— Fairy Dust They may not be dueling volcanoes, but an awful lot of fairies are flitting around lately. Specifically, the Cottingley Fairies — sprites allegedly photographed in 1917 by two English girls. While FairyTale A True Story (costarring Harvey Keitel) re-creates the Cottingley tale, Photographing Fairies, which bowed in September in the U.K., focuses on a man whose encounter with the photos spurs his search for his dead wife’s spirit. ”One film wanted to go inside the real story, and the other wanted to take the story and grow something out of it,” says FairyTale‘s director, Charles Sturridge. And what does Sturridge think of his competition? ”I haven’t seen it,” he laughs, ”because then I’d have to say, ‘It’s brilliant, much better than mine’ or ‘Total load of rubbish.’ ” — Robin J. Schwartz

— Less Miserables If you had Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman, and Claire Danes in your movie, would you advertise a dark sewer instead of their fine faces? That’s what’s shown in Les Misérables‘ teaser trailer, while the stars’ names appear on screen. ”We wanted to get trailers into theaters attached to Seven Years in Tibet,” says Mandalay’s president of worldwide marketing, John Jacobs. And since the film wasn’t finished, ”we used what we had available.” While Les Misérables won’t be in theaters until February, Jacobs says, ”we knew Seven Years would play to a similar audience. We’re not talking about a young concept movie here, and people need to be educated.” Come Christmas, a more conventional trailer will debut; this one, Jacobs promises, ”will show two and a half minutes of actors walking and talking.”

Fairy Tale: A True Story
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