Long before Goldie Hawn or Diane Keaton used her clout to go behind the camera, ’40s screen siren Ida Lupino directed, cowrote, and produced keenly observant, genre-twisting movies. The unwed-teen-mom drama Not Wanted (new to video), a serial-killer thriller, The Hitch-Hiker, and The Bigamist (1949, 1953, 1953, Kino, unrated, $24.95), just released in new transfers, are among her best, and it’s The Bigamist that really sticks. Edmond O’Brien is a traveling salesman torn between a genteel wasp (Joan Fontaine) who wants but can’t have a baby and a waitress (Lupino) whom he gallantly marries when she conceives his child. Lupino adroitly flips the conventions of the weepie by zooming in on the man, treating his predicament with surprising compassion. Will he confess the truth to either woman? Lupino makes O’Brien’s turmoil heartbreakingly real. A-