Celebs lend their voices to AOL's "you got mail" chime

America Online’s most vocal spokesperson can finally take a breather. Starting Nov. 10, members will be able to replace the genteel voice behind the familiar ”Welcome!” ”You’ve got mail!” and ”Goodbye” messages with perkier versions supplied by David Letterman, Rosie O’Donnell, Dennis Rodman, and seven other celebs. The gimmick is part of a 10-week contest in which users vie for prizes by naming the stars from the sound of their voices. Meanwhile, the original — AOL refuses to identify him, but he’s affectionately known as ”the AOL dude” — is in no danger of losing his job: ”We tried a new voice in ’89,” recalls an AOL spokesperson, ”but fans cried out, and we had to bring it back. It’s a cultish thing.”