Celebs show they care at the annual Environmental Media Awards

Who says Hollywood is only about excess? On Nov. 2, stars gathered in Pacific Palisades, Calif., to reuse, recycle, and party at the annual Environmental Media Awards. Among celebs honoring TV and films that increase environmental awareness were Harrison Ford, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Olivia Newton-John, and John Travolta. (Well, Travolta was there in spirit: He accepted an award via video.) Party of Five‘s Jennifer Love Hewitt displayed the proper earth-friendly attitude. ”We recycle on the show every single day,” she says. ”From cans of soda to script pages.” Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant, on hand to bestow the Feature Film award to Fly Away Home, admit they’re new to the cause. ”Today is our first day being involved with anything environmental,” says Hurley. ”We have the organic carrot from time to time, but we’re going to learn and do more.

Kristen Baldwin, with reporting by Zorianna Kit