The powers that be want to make a movie about the band Kiss

They may still want to rock & roll all night, but now the members of Kiss also want to sink their spiked heels into Hollywood. While a new album and yet another massive tour are planned for next year, the big news is that the band has teamed up with Rocky exec producer Gene Kirkwood to create a movie that’ll offer a revealing look at the musicians behind the makeup. (Cameron Crowe and David Fincher reportedly have expressed interest in directing.) To prepare for this momentous unveiling, EW offers a few casting suggestions. — Shawna Malcom

Gene Simmons — Chazz Palminteri
One’s a tough-talking, blood-spewing bass player, the other is a tough-talking, blood-shedding Mob player

Ace Frehley — Eddie Van Halen
One’s a wild, hard-living lead guitarist, the other is a … wild, hard-living lead guitarist

Paul Stanley — Howard Stern
One’s a screeching vocalist, the other’s a screeching shock jock

Peter Criss — Paul Shaffer
One’s a catlike drummer, the other’s a drumlike bandleader