Star quotes from around the Net

”I’ve not gotten roles that I wanted and felt disappointed … But two weeks later something else comes up. It happened with My Best Friend’s Wedding. A few weeks earlier I had not gotten a role that I really wanted … but then I got that movie. So I think, Oh, okay, that’s why I didn’t get that film because this is the film I was supposed to get. I never feel I’ve missed out.” — A Life Less Ordinary‘s Cameron Diaz on RoughCut Online

”I was a big fan [of the Star Wars trilogy]. My uncle [Denis Lawson] had been in all three [movies]. He was a wing fighter named Wedge. It’s bizarre. I remember being 6 when the first movie came out, and it was the first movie I had gone to see him in. So, it was very exciting.” — A Life Less Ordinary‘s Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels) on RoughCut Online

”Jay Leno is great. He’s a big Ramones fan, and he loves exciting music. In the same week that he had us, he had Motorhead! And to see Motorhead on a TV show, well, you don’t see Motorhead on TV! It was a great week for music.” — Rocker Joey Ramone on America Online’s The Hub

”When I joined the cast [of The Drew Carey Show], I was only signed for a few episodes. But because it kind of worked out, I just hung out. I stayed, and they made me part of the cast. It’s a nice story. The reason I joined the show, I was at [Warner Bros.] auditioning for a part as the Hispanic photographer on Suddenly Susan.” — The Drew Carey Show‘s Craig Ferguson on AOL

”Whitney Houston … I had a major crush on her. I actually got a kiss on the lips from [her when she guest-starred on Silver Spoons] … It was pretty nice! I was about 16 and asked her for a kiss, and she gave one to me!” — Actor Rick Schroder, now 27, on Prodigy