Music directors at three radio stations tune in to their top songs and pick hits

Lisa Worden, KROQ, Los Angeles (Alternative) — ”Mouth,” Bush: ”It’s a remix of a Razorblade Suitcase song. It doesn’t sound like typical Bush.” — ”Wrong Number,” The Cure: ”They’re, like, my favorite band. We didn’t have a lot of success with the last record, but this is doing well.” — ”Tubthumping,” Chumbawamba: ”We knew the song would be huge. I was surprised they’d been around for a while.” One to watch: ”Bitter Sweet Symphony,” The Verve: ”Everyone I know loves it. The symphony part’s really catchy.”

”Super” Dave Ogden, WYZM, Madison, Wisconsin (Country) — ”Thank God for Believers,” Mark Chesnutt: ”A guy gets caught cheating on his girlfriend and she still sticks by him.” — ”Love Gets Me Every Time,” Shania Twain: ”It’s kind of sassy. Women stand up for themselves in her songs.” — ”In Another’s Eyes,” Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks: ”A guy and his girlfriend who look at their situation from the outside. Sometimes you’re so close you can’t see what’s going on.” One to Watch: ”Did I Shave My Legs for This?” Deana Carter: ”You get all dressed up, do your hair, go on a date, and it’s, like, ‘Aw, gee, I did all this work for that?”’

Kid David, WXKS, Boston (Top 40) — ”Tubthumping,” Chumbawamba: ”A killer hook. It’s one of those anthems.” — ”Fly,” Sugar Ray: ”After one or two listens we knew it would be big. I don’t know if the group itself will be around for a long time.” — ”How Do I Live,” LeAnn Rimes: ”I can’t remember us ever playing a country artist. But this sounds like a Celine Dion record.” One to watch: ”Light in Your Eyes,” Blessid Union of Souls: ”I think it’s gonna be No. 1. This is by far their best record.”