This week in Hollywood

PRO CHOICE Kelly McGillis spent the ’80s starring in some of the most popular films of the decade: alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Harrison Ford in Witness, and Jodie Foster in The Accused. But with her career in high gear, she pulled a disappearing act worthy of Amelia Earhart. Now, after a five-year hiatus from the screen, during which she concentrated on theater and raising her two young daughters with her husband in Florida’s Key West, McGillis, 40, is setting the stage for a quiet comeback. She costars with Brenda Fricker in the indie drama Painted Angels (due in January) about a group of prostitutes out West during the turn of the century. (”I liked it because it was an ensemble piece,” she says, ”and it was about women who don’t have a choice.”) Currently she’s filming an HBO thriller, Pretty Lady, and stars in the CBS miniseries The Third Twin, airing Nov. 9 and 11, but she’s not recommitting to a busy schedule. ”Creatively, I would like to go back to work,” she says. ”But I’m not sure if we [as a family] can psychologically deal with it.”

REYNOLDS RAP Burt Reynolds may be earning the best reviews of his career for his performance as a porn director in Boogie Nights, but no one could be more surprised than he. According to a source close to the situation, after screening the movie Reynolds promptly fired his agents at UTA, who had brought together Reynolds and another client, Boogie Nights writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson. ”He saw the movie before reviews came out and thought it was reprehensible,” says the source. By the time kudos began showing up in the press, Reynolds had already made the move to the smaller Gersch agency. Reynolds could not be reached for comment.