Going head to head with the network over fan sites

The latest rumble in the War of the Fan Sites? Corporate lawyers continue to shoot down unofficial websites, but plucky organizations such as Fist (jujubee. cob.ohio-state.edu/~christy/fist) are riding to every Internet village and town in an effort to build a webwide resistance movement.

Rallying support for fan sites dedicated to Fox shows like The X-Files and Millennium, Fist is the creation of Ohio State student Aaron Christy, 22, who closed down his Homer’s Head Sound Archive last July under legal pressure. ”What seems unfair,” Christy says, ”is that Fox has not defined … what is in violation.” Au contraire, says Baker & Hostetler attorney Megan E. Gray: ”Our standard cease and desist letter is very clear. Audio clips and video clips are not allowed. We do permit static images.”

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