EW sits down with The International Man of Mystery to ask him about his favorite subject: himself

Steven Spielberg? Rupert Murdoch? Oprah Winfrey? They may have the bulging bank accounts, but when it comes to true power, look no further than that shagadelic bloke shamelessly sporting Shirley Partridge’s hand-me-downs. We asked this cryogenic cat for some views on Power — then and now.

EW: What is power?

AUSTIN POWERS: My definition of power is being able to get your Swedish secretary on your radio phone in your private jet with the head of British military intelligence while at the same time making faces to Mick Jagger about what a stuffed shirt the head of the MI5 is.

Is power the ultimate aphrodisiac?

That and elk horn.

Who is the most powerful person in the world?

In the world, the bloke who sells me my Swedish-made penis-enlarger pump. In Hollywood, I’d say Jonathan Lipnicki.

Most powerful babe?

Elizabeth Hurley. [Purrs]

What is your power suit?

Blue crushed velvet.

Are you powerful?

Powers by name, Powers by reputation.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

X-ray vision, baby, which I’m working on right now. Give me a call.

Who would win in a fight: Stefanie Powers or Powers Boothe?

I happen to know that Stefanie Powers has a mean half nelson, but Powers Boothe can head-butt with the best of them. I call it a draw.

What color Power Ranger do you identify with?

The ”international orange” one.

What do you eat for a power breakfast?

Kippers and large doses of elk horn in a blender. Don’t say no until you try it.

Who’s your favorite Spice Girl?

Cumin. But if you ask me, I’ll take the whole rack.