The McCarthy Era

Thank you so much for your cover of Jenny McCarthy (#400, Oct. 10). First of all, she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, and it was wonderful to see how James White’s photo exemplified that beauty. Second, this was the funniest cover I have ever seen. As I turned it over (knowing full well nothing would happen) I pictured every guy doing the same exact thing. Thank you so much for creating a cover that is just as entertaining as the rest of your magazine.
East Windsor, N.J.

I just wanted to say that I love your magazine. But sadly, my 14- year-old brother was distressed to find that the Jenny McCarthy issue of EW was ”broken” when he turned it upside down.
Washington, D.C.

After reading Benjamin Svetkey’s article on Jenny McCarthy, I was thankful to see that an entertainment publication has finally recognized the originality and humor that this MTV bombshell has made all her own. But don’t you think the derisive comment on the cover (”Turn This Cover Upside Down And Her Dress Vanishes!”) belittles everything Mr. Svetkey tried to say in his article? There are some people out there who do appreciate Jenny for more than just her knockout bod. I don’t know many other beautiful actresses who can make me hysterical over armpit hair and barf jokes.

Why would anyone bother to turn the cover upside down? Like we haven’t seen this woman naked before!?
Madison, Wis.

Mean ‘Zine Scene

Love your magazine. I do. But I’m tremendously soured by the lack of E-zine coverage in your 1997 Guide to New Media. You mention lots of websites, and I agree that most of them were indeed deserving of your coverage, but I’m sure you’re well aware that E-zines are gaining in popularity/readership. Could it be that as a printed magazine you feel threatened by E-zines? I can’t think of another reason why you’d disregard such entertainment publications as indieWIRE, SFK, and yes, my own Cinezine.
Editor-copublisher, Cinezine, The Reel Thing
Dracut, Mass.

Radio Daze

Bravo for including Remember WENN in your What to Watch section. Remember WENN is a unique, entertaining, and wonderful program that deserves far more attention than it receives.
Milpitas, Calif.

Big Bing Theory

I was absolutely thrilled to see my favorite singer, actor, and entertainer pictured in your Time Capsule section. Bing Crosby was instrumental in the evolution of popular music as we know it, and all too often he has gone unnoticed. There are thousands of fans out there … old and young (I’m 19 years old). On everyone’s behalf, I would like to thank you for the small mention. CRISSI NEWTON
Lake Providence, La.

CORRECTION: Melora Walters is the actress pictured with Mark Wahlberg in a scene from Boogie Nights (Movies, #401).