How to talk like Hollywood's powerful elite

By EW Staff
Updated October 31, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

In showbiz, you don’t have to have power to sound like you do. Here are the latest buzzwords that separate the elite from the chaff.

ALL DEEPAK: Full of the New Age psychobabble of celeb guru Deepak Chopra. As in ”After she saw that feng shui master, she got all Deepak on me.”

BABY SUITS: Agents’ assistants, 23 and under, who show up at premieres and parties in tailored suits and crisp white shirts — with their bosses’ tickets — trying to act cool. ”Check out the baby suit trying to impress that porno crasher.”

BIG IDEA: The premise of an event movie, i.e., ”In Independence Day, aliens invade and — get this! — we kick their butts!”

CALLBACK DUMP: Waiting until 9 p.m. (PST) to return calls, ensuring you’ll reach only voice-mail. ”I’ve got 20 messages. Lemme do a callback dump, and I’ll meet you at Bar Marmont.”

DOING A MOLONEY: Self-destructing — refers to former CAA agent Jay Moloney, who went public about his personal demons. ”He’s falling fast; he’s doing a Moloney!”

HTS: Hold to screen. Meaning, we’ve seen the script, but we’ll wait till somebody else makes it into a movie to decide if we’ll distribute it. Usually a sign there’s trouble with the script, concept, or writer.

MALIBU BARBIE: Starlet with unnaturally high, bulbous implants. ”Check out Malibu Barbie. Her neck’s gone.”

MFD: Make the f—king deal, as in ”So what if Tom costs $20 or $25 million?! Just MFD already!”

MOVIE JAIL: Where you go after a bad box office turnout. ”Demi needs someone to bail her out of movie jail.”

NEW FLAVOR: A variation on Flavor of the Month. ”Get that guy from Buffy in, he’s the new flavor.”

NOFU: Not one for us, as in ”I liked Eszterhas’ script, but it’s nofu.”

OBVI: Short for obvious. ”It’s totally obvi that Sony is going to clean up next summer with Godzilla.”

OPRAH MONEY: Truckloads of cash. ”Brad Pitt is pulling down Oprah money now.”

OTB: Out of the biz. When someone’s career flames out. ”Ovitz is so OTB.”

PORNO CRASHERS: A subclass of party crashers, mainly women, who get tramped up and try to worm their way into premieres. ”Ignore that thing in the neon mini, she’s just a porno crasher.”

PRADA GIRL: New name for ”D girl” (a young woman working in development) who totes scripts in her Prada backpack.