How to talk like Hollywood's powerful elite

In showbiz, you don’t have to have power to sound like you do. Here are the latest buzzwords that separate the elite from the chaff.

ALL DEEPAK: Full of the New Age psychobabble of celeb guru Deepak Chopra. As in ”After she saw that feng shui master, she got all Deepak on me.”

BABY SUITS: Agents’ assistants, 23 and under, who show up at premieres and parties in tailored suits and crisp white shirts — with their bosses’ tickets — trying to act cool. ”Check out the baby suit trying to impress that porno crasher.”

BIG IDEA: The premise of an event movie, i.e., ”In Independence Day, aliens invade and — get this! — we kick their butts!”

CALLBACK DUMP: Waiting until 9 p.m. (PST) to return calls, ensuring you’ll reach only voice-mail. ”I’ve got 20 messages. Lemme do a callback dump, and I’ll meet you at Bar Marmont.”

DOING A MOLONEY: Self-destructing — refers to former CAA agent Jay Moloney, who went public about his personal demons. ”He’s falling fast; he’s doing a Moloney!”

HTS: Hold to screen. Meaning, we’ve seen the script, but we’ll wait till somebody else makes it into a movie to decide if we’ll distribute it. Usually a sign there’s trouble with the script, concept, or writer.

MALIBU BARBIE: Starlet with unnaturally high, bulbous implants. ”Check out Malibu Barbie. Her neck’s gone.”

MFD: Make the f—king deal, as in ”So what if Tom costs $20 or $25 million?! Just MFD already!”

MOVIE JAIL: Where you go after a bad box office turnout. ”Demi needs someone to bail her out of movie jail.”

NEW FLAVOR: A variation on Flavor of the Month. ”Get that guy from Buffy in, he’s the new flavor.”

NOFU: Not one for us, as in ”I liked Eszterhas’ script, but it’s nofu.”

OBVI: Short for obvious. ”It’s totally obvi that Sony is going to clean up next summer with Godzilla.”

OPRAH MONEY: Truckloads of cash. ”Brad Pitt is pulling down Oprah money now.”

OTB: Out of the biz. When someone’s career flames out. ”Ovitz is so OTB.”

PORNO CRASHERS: A subclass of party crashers, mainly women, who get tramped up and try to worm their way into premieres. ”Ignore that thing in the neon mini, she’s just a porno crasher.”

PRADA GIRL: New name for ”D girl” (a young woman working in development) who totes scripts in her Prada backpack.