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Random Shots What do South Park‘s Cartman and Kenny have in common with actress Salma Hayek? They all love a parade. This Halloween, Park‘s memorable Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride will morph into a float and lead the procession at New York City’s 24th Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. ”From concept to execution, it’s the dumbest idea ever,” says Park cocreator Matt Stone of the brainstorm from Comedy Central’s publicity department. ”But that’s what’s so sweet about it.” Onlookers will enjoy reenactments of classic Park bits, including Kyle’s kicking of his baby brother and Stan’s vomiting, as performed by actors and Comedy Central employees. Meanwhile, the Village parade also gets the Hollywood treatment in the upcoming drama The Velocity of Gary. In a staging of the Halloween fest, Hayek dresses up as Diana Ross and lip-synchs ”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” ”It’s sad because I really wanted to look like Diana Ross,” says Hayek. ”But the extras told me I looked more like La Toya Jackson.” — Tricia Laine

Play It Again Maybe Cameron Diaz should think about voice lessons. After a tortured karaoke version of ”I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself” in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Diaz takes up the mike again for a tortured karaoke version of ”Beyond the Sea” in A Life Less Ordinary. According to the actress, the back-to-back warblings were coincidental. ”I didn’t know there was a karaoke scene in [Life] until I got to the set,” she says. And though Diaz claims to have ”the worst voice in the world,” she’s hoping to croon again. ”I may have to sing in another film,” she says. ”The third time is the charm.” How about ”Killing Me Softly With Her Song”? — Cindy Pearlman and Anna Holmes

Numbers Game When George Costanza talks, Hollywood listens. Jason Alexander‘s lovable loser on Seinfeld has espoused the merits of the name Seven for a woman. (”It’s Mickey Mantle‘s number,” he noted.) Strangely enough, on Star Trek: Voyager, the new alien babe played by Jeri Ryan is named — tah-dah! — Seven. ”It’s pure coincidence,” assures Voyager coexecutive producer Brannon Braga. ”Her full Borg name is Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, but we shortened it because the kids in school teased her.” The Seinfeld camp seems amused, though a bit concerned. ”It saddens me to think that anybody would be taking a lead from George,” says Seinfeld exec producer Alec Berg. At least there are no new characters named Buck Naked.

My Best Friend's Wedding
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