Star quotes around the Web

”I’m fortunate I did the things I did. A lot of actors who are very talented still have to feed themselves and pay their bills. But all of that running around in my underwear put a little spending money in my pockets. So, I can just focus on working with good people in interesting movies without having to worry about supporting myself.” — Boogie NightsMark Wahlberg on E! Online

”[Reporters keep] asking me ‘What did you do to research playing a doctor?’ The answer is, I watched as much ER as I could.” — Playing God‘s David Duchovny on RoughCut Online

”I have a very rare eating disorder. I have the opposite of anorexia. I think I’m thin and I think that all my outfits are very loose.” — Sabrina, the Teenage Witch‘s Caroline Rhea on America Online

”Well, there’s a lot of [big brother] John in me. Just like there was a lot of me in John. There’s a lot of my father in both of us. We’re probably more like our dad then we are like each other. I saw a scene in [the upcoming TV series] Total Security last week where someone said, ‘Boy, you look like your brother John there.’ That was funny. I thought I looked like my dad.” —Gang Related‘s James Belushi on AOL

”When Ellen told me she was gay in real life, which was 20 years ago, I was so ignorant about the subject … I worried for her safety because of the world’s prejudice. When she came out [on Ellen], I still worried for her safety 20 years later — which is a very sad commentary on our society.” — Ellen DeGeneres’ mom, Betty, on AOL

”I decided I wanted to start acting in the fourth grade. As far as who discovered my talent, I don’t think that I have any. That’s just a joke. I think I’m extremely talented. That’s also a joke. What am I? Am I talented or not?” — Men Behaving Badly‘s Ken Marino on AOL