The show's new bloodthirsty teen terrors, Spike and Drusilla, bare both fangs and souls in their first exclusive interview

Forget about Dharma and Greg. This fall’s hippest TV couple is Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s coolest and cruelest new bloodsuckers, British bad boy Spike and his spacey consort, Drusilla (next appearing in the Oct. 27 episode). While we love the human actors behind them — James Marsters and Juliet Landau — the pair have so few previous credits (Marsters guested on CBS’ Moloney; Landau had a bit part in Ed Wood with her dad, Martin) we figured a chat with their stylin’ vampire alter egos would provide a little more, er, bite.

EW: Who were you in previous lives?

DRU: I was a lady. I had ribbons and servants and all sorts of wonderful friends. Later on I ate them all.

SPIKE: I don’t like to talk about it. I was human. That’s embarrassing enough.

EW: How old are you?

DRU: I’m 6 years old today. Daddy is bringing me sweetmeats from the shop because he loves me, and I will have a new doll.

SPIKE: Dru, I think she means now, love. [To EW] She gets distracted. Dru’s secretive about her age — I gotta be 150 by now.

EW: How did you meet?

DRU: I made my little Spike … didn’t I, love?

SPIKE: She did. Pulled me right off the street. The moment I saw my Dru, I knew I’d love her ’til I died — which I did about three minutes later.

EW: What skills do you bring to your profession?

SPIKE: I’m very good at gouging. Eyes mostly. You don’t see a lot of good gougers lately — it’s pretty well a lost art.

EW: Do you go to movies? If so, what genre do you favor?

SPIKE: I like the real horrifying, can’t-look-it’s-too-awful kind. You know, like On Golden Pond. Katharine Hepburn saying ”You’re my knight in shining armor” — I had to hide behind my seat!

EW: Spike, you have a rather punk fashion sense. Where do you get your clothes?

SPIKE: I wear what I find. Robbing your victims means never having to do laundry.

DRU: Sometimes I hear whispers in my ear, and I dream that I’ll bathe in the moon.

SPIKE: That’s nice, Dru. Try to stay with us.

EW: Spike, you’ve made some disparaging remarks about Anne Rice — did you read Interview With the Vampire?

SPIKE: Didn’t read it, but we liked the flick. What was all the rumpus about Tommy Cruise as a vampire? He was a lot better than Gary I-have-crossed-oceans-of-time-to-be-with-you Oldman. Now, that flick was a wash. There’s none of us vampires that poncey.

EW: What music do you prefer? Are you big Portishead fans?

SPIKE: Portishead? They are so depressing. Live a little, people! Me, I like the Butthole Surfers — anything where people use chain saws as an instrument.

EW: What’s up with Dru’s doll collection?

DRU: I’ve always had my dollies. They’re my friends, and I punish them.

EW: Do you collect anything, Spike?

SPIKE: It’ll sound corny, but I’d have to say I collect memories. A long, interesting life with happy memories is better than any possession. I remember one of my favorite times, me and Dru were slaughtering this orphanage …

EW: I’m sorry, we’re out of time.

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