EW asks, Hollywood answers

CAMERON DIAZ I was Kermit the Frog one year. I had the greatest green costume. The only disappointment was that my school gave me a prize for being the best monster from Star Wars.

MARTHA STEWART Little Bo Peep. Mom made it for me. She made me beautiful bloomers with white lace and a beautiful corset of black damask. I think I was 7.

FIONA APPLE I was a caterpillar once. I wore a polka-dot tube made out of sheets, and my face stuck out of it with little pipe-cleaner antennae. But I was always doing costumes. If you see any home videos of me, I’m always taping construction paper on myself.

ADAM SANDLER Dracula was fun because of the fake teeth. My dad made me a cape. It was red on the inside and zebra on the outside. It was kind of a Lenny Kravitz Dracula.

GWEN STEFANI Princess Leia. White sheet with a gold belt, and then I had the buns. I think my mom made the buns out of some cushioning stuff.

GILLIAN ANDERSON A couple years ago I had this rubber mouse mask, and under a dress I wore two plastic breasts that were huge. It was too bizarre for words. I don’t even know what it was.

RENE RUSSO I dressed up like a guy, and I fooled everybody. I was in my 20s, and I had glasses and a leather jacket. I was flat-chested, so I didn’t have to bind myself or anything.

ANTONIO SABATO JR. Batman. That’s what I am every year. Since I was little I’ve always wanted to be Batman, and Halloween gives me a chance to wear [the costume] without getting arrested.

MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER Zorro. He was so smooth and graceful, and I was at that awkward, adolescent period. So I could put on the costume and feel graceful.

KEVIN BACON I was dressed in a furry thing [without] any feet on it. And it was raining. I remember my mom said, ”You can wear boots, we’ll give you a sword, and you’ll be Puss in Boots.”

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR I forgot it was Halloween one year. So I took a brown paper bag, taped it to my stomach, and said I was a kangaroo.

NOAH WYLE My mother was a nurse, so she’d always dress me up in gauze bandages as a mummy. But after a few hours of trick-or-treating, I would start to unravel. That’s when I would start telling people I was a war survivor.

MIKE MYERS A ghost. A sheet with two holes. Every second year I was a ghost. My father sold encyclopedias. We didn’t have a lot of money.

JANEANE GAROFALO A hobo. You know how kids are like, ”I’m going to be a ghost or a hobo”? My favorite costume is hobo.

ALICIA SILVERSTONE I always went the easy route and played a hobo.

Chris Rock
”The Unknown Comic from The Gong Show. I wanted to be a comedian, and he was the biggest comedian I knew at the time. At the door I’d say, ‘Chuckie baby! Chuckie baby!”’