Celeb quotes from around the Web

”You get writer’s block every three days. It goes away and you write again. Certain weeks you write millions of songs and certain weeks everything sounds awful.”
— Singer-songwriter DUNCAN SHEIK on America Online

”Oh, I was born out. You see, I’m a hopeless egocentric, and quite a few years ago I remember realizing not everybody was gay. Up until then, I thought everyone was! I also remember then starting to feel graciously sympathetic toward straight people. But I resent the fact that straight people aren’t expected to come out.”
In & Out screenwriter PAUL RUDNICK on E! Online

”I try to get a manicure at least once a week. I have to because of my work. I have so many things going on, so it’s important to maintain a good beauty regimen.”

”More [than any] other question people have come up and asked me if Paul [from The Wonder Years] is in Marilyn Manson … The answer is NO! NO! NO! NO! Okay, maybe I’m getting a little tired of that one.”
Working‘s FRED SAVAGE on E! Online

”I think it’s almost dangerous to move too quickly and to get too hot too fast and come out with five movies in a year in film after film after film … If I’m gonna miss a job because I’m doing theater for a few months … then I’m not gonna get more films, then it wasn’t really meant to be anyway. I’d rather do what I want to do.”
The Myth of Fingerprints‘ HOPE DAVIS on RoughCut Online

”I had been [at Saturday Night Live] for nine seasons, and I think nine years in New York is enough for anyone … Also, I left SNL because I had trouble staying up after 11:30.”
Hiller and Diller‘s KEVIN NEALON on AOL