Austin Powers is coming back for more

Oasis’ moptops Noel and Liam Gallagher aren’t the only British bad boys riding a fan-fueled tide of ’60s nostalgia. Cryogenic cat Austin Powers is enjoying a shagadelic hot streak too. Not only will MTV air a Powers-hosted movie special, probably in ’98, but the International Man of Mystery, whose first feature outing earlier this year grossed a groovy $54 million, is also planning a return to the big screen. ”We’re brainstorming for ideas,” says Austin director Jay Roach, who adds that he hopes to have the sequel ready for late next year. ”I’d love to have Austin be the first guy who photographs Twiggy or launches the British invasion. Either that or a prequel in the pre-1964 world where Dr. Evil is at the top of his game because world domination is still cool.” No matter what the plotlines are, Austin screenwriter and alter ego Mike Myers is eager to don his marvy Powers persona again. ”I had so much fun making that movie,” he says. ”If somebody told me every second movie of mine had to be an Austin Powers, I’d be happy.” Oh, behave!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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  • 90 minutes