The celeb excitement is almost palpable

The way everyone buzzed about it, you would have thought it was a fete for The Full Monty. But at New York’s Oct. 8 premiere of Boogie Nights — which takes a full-frontal look at the ’70s porn industry — partygoers Lauren Holly, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t resist dishing about Nights star Mark Wahlberg and his, well, full monty. ”It’s not all him, is it?” queried Holly of Wahlberg’s nude scene (answer: No, he wears an oversize prosthetic device). ”That would be something. Wait, let me go find him.” And while the audience sang Nights‘ praises, costar Burt Reynolds, who got the crowd humming about Oscar, admitted he was nervous about how the film would play. ”Pornography scares the heck out of people,” he noted. ”But it’s not about pornography. It’s about people desperately searching.” For his part, Walhberg wasn’t worried. ”The reaction was positive,” said the Artist Formerly Known as Marky Mark. ”I don’t have any tomato stains on me.” Call it the naked truth.

The talk was not of the physical, but of the metaphysical variety earlier in the week at L.A.’s Oct. 6 premiere of Seven Years in Tibet. Mariah Carey admitted the film made her cry: The Tibetans, said the singer, are ”so caring about all life-forms, even worms.” For star Brad Pitt, who was draped in ceremonial scarves given to him by excited Tibetan fans, the spirit began moving him during the shoot. ”At first, it was just another movie,” said Pitt. ”Then I saw it was very important to a lot of people. So it became something much, much more along the way.” And not a single prosthetic was needed.

(Additional reporting by Jessica Shaw and Zorianna Kit)

Boogie Nights
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