‘Out’ of the Park

I just read your cover story on the feature film In & Out (#399, Oct. 3), and I was shocked to learn that Kevin Kline is turning 50! Who cares about ”The Kiss?” Kevin Kline is 50! How do these guys do it? I find myself increasingly attracted to an ever-growing number of movie stars who are old enough to be my father (Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, etc.). Therapy be damned!
Somerville, Mass.

I almost always enjoy your feature stories, and ”In the Money” was no exception. I especially liked the recognition that associate editor Mitch Stanley got for coming up with the idea for hiding Joan Cusack’s pregnancy. Kudos to EW for not assuming all of the creative vision belongs to the producers, writer, and director.
Santa Monica, Calif.

Rich Legacy

I am fairly convinced that the majority of your readers have never heard of Rich Mullins, but I wanted to thank you for at least making a note of his death in Monitor. His wonderful music has impacted my life for many years, both in church and at home. Although his life was short, he had a powerful influence. Rich, you’re singing with the angels.
Olympia, Wash.

Monk Rock

It certainly is a benevolent gesture for celebrities like Richard Gere and Harrison Ford to use their box office appeal to come to the aid of Tibet, but they should be reminded that there are plenty of problems right here in the United States. If, for a day, they would shift their focus from the otherwordly settings of the Himalayas to some of the draconian realities within our own country, maybe, just maybe, we could start to make a difference.
Charlotte, N.C.

Rolling Stoned

While I can certainly appreciate Keith Richards telling it like it is in your ”Nice Chat” article, his comments about rappers shooting themselves (”Carry on, boys, y’know”) is both incredibly ignorant and unbelievably racist. While he’s entitled to his opinion when it comes to rap music, to actually say ”I wish those guys would all shoot themselves” in a major worldwide publication is beyond belief. Richards owes the entire rap community an apology, in print. And here’s to fervently hoping that he has not already passed down his stupidity and racism to his kids.
Needham, Mass.

Ground Chuck

In Bruce Fretts’ Oct. 3 Remote Patrol, he stated that Walker, Texas Ranger is for half-wits. Well, howdy! We’re a couple of those half-wits. You know, two of the approximately 17 million who watch Walker, Texas Ranger every week. We tune in faithfully because the series leaves us feeling good. To Chuck Norris’ Cordell Walker, right is right and wrong is wrong. He is loyal to his friends, chivalrous toward women, and filled with compassion for children. He gives the bad guys what they deserve. Gee, sounds like the qualities that made our country great. Sounds like the very qualities our nation needs to solve its problems today, but then, what do we know? We’re just a couple of half-wits.
Tavares, Fla.