This week on the music beat

Flower Sale If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to bring your checkbook. The West Coast auction house Butterfield & Butterfield held a ”Summer of Love” auction of hippie-era memorabilia Oct. 4 and raked in $185,000 (”a portion” of which will go to four Bay Area charities, according to a B&B spokesman). Among the more noteworthy items auctioned off: a nude photo of Janis Joplin ($1,840); an album cover with Jimi Hendrix‘s signature and the admonition ”Stay Groovy” ($2,300); and a bag in which the Grateful Dead‘s Pigpen once purportedly carried ”medicine” ($3,737.50). Alas, the day’s priciest item — the grand Victorian house at 710 Ashbury Street that the Grateful Dead once called home — failed to find a buyer. Eric Christensen, the auction’s coordinator, admits that the $990,000 asking price may have been a bit steep for some. ”Part of the problem was you had to prequalify to be able to bid,” says Christensen. ”You couldn’t just smoke a joint and raise your hand and say ‘I want the house.”’ Deadheads, start pooling your spare change: The house is still on the market.

The Hole Story? No, it’s not Courtney Love who’s screaming like a banshee over all the attention Poppy Z. Brite’s recently published bio, Courtney Love: The Real Story, is getting, but Love’s first biographer, Melissa Rossi. The irate Rossi, who wrote 1996’s straight-to-paperback Courtney Love: Queen of Noise (Simon & Schuster), claims Love had reviews of her book killed in the rock press after failing to prevent its publication. ”Spin, Rolling Stone, and MTV planned to do something … and suddenly dropped the whole thing,” says Rossi. Spin executive editor Craig Marks denies the allegations: ”I can’t speak for anyone else, but Courtney never threatened anyone here. We didn’t review either book.” Love’s publicist, Pat Kingsley, also dismissed Rossi’s gripes: ”If her book was not successful, I think the fault lies elsewhere.” Rossi, meanwhile, is nursing her wounds in Italy. ”I hope [people] enjoy [Brite’s] airbrushed biography,” she says, ”and if they want the truth, maybe they’ll go back to mine, which should be showing up at garage sales any second.”

Foo Flinging Hell hath no fury like an alt-rock woman scorned. According to online music magazine Allstar, Veruca Salt‘s Louise Post put the grrr into grrrl when she shared some thoughts about her relationship with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl at a Veruca Salt concert in Auckland, New Zealand, on Oct. 6. ”I found out that my boyfriend has been screwing around on me,” Post reportedly said at the beginning of the band’s encore. ”His name’s Dave Grohl, and if he ever comes down this way, you can tell him to f— right off.” A spokesperson for Veruca Salt’s label, Outpost, says, ”We choose to let her lead her own personal life.” Grohl (who was recently spotted with serial rock-star dater Winona Ryder) declined to comment, but there might be some heavy karma at work: Grohl’s marriage to photographer Jennifer Youngblood ended last spring after Youngblood found out about his relationship with Post.