With Fred Savage returning to series TV, what better time to reminisce about 'The Wonder Years'?

By Dan Snierson
Updated October 17, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT
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It’s been four years since the show yanked its last heartstring, and while we all know what became of that David Schwimmer fellow (a.k.a. Michael, Karen’s hippie hubby), here’s what the rest of the cast has been up to.

Danica McKellar
(Doe-eyed ingenue Winnie) Currently: Acting (appeared with Chuck Norris in Sidekicks and Walker, Texas Ranger) and studying (she’s a senior math major at UCLA). A No-Winnie situation: ”She’s really busy with sorority events right now,” says a spokesman of her unavailability.

Jason Hervey
(Bullying bro Wayne) Currently: Co-owns a TV production company. On the Wonder of fame: ”Wherever I go, people have something to say, like ‘God, you were such an a– hole!’ One night, this drunk guy told me how his older brother had made his life hell, and when I turned my back to walk away, he punched me.”

Olivia D’Abo
(Earthy sis Karen) Currently: Playing a porno queen in the upcoming indie drama The Velocity of Gary. A Wonder wonder: ”Why they never washed Karen’s stinky clothes. There were these dreadful rings of sweat in the armpits. It got to the stage where I said, ‘Look, I have a really good dry cleaner. I’ll do it myself.”’

Dan Lauria
(Grumpy dad Jack) Currently: Guest-stars on Party of Five; runs an L.A.-based theater company. A Wonder wonder: ”Why there aren’t more shows like it. You could walk into any studio with a good sentimental idea and they won’t do it; then someone comes in and says, ‘Oh, let’s redo The Addams Family,’ and it’s done.”

Alley Mills
(Cheery apple-pie mom) Currently: Guest-stars on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; stars in the Off Broadway play The Quick-Change Room. The Wonder of fame: ”The National Enquirer said I was caught in a sex clinch with Jason, and my aunt Marge from New Jersey called and said, ‘I know it gets lonely out there, but … ”’

Josh Saviano
(Nerdy pal Paul) Currently: A senior at Yale majoring in poli sci. On the Wonder of fame: ”I still get recognized, but less frequently. I’ve grown up, filled out a bit, and I’ve been fooling around with facial hair.” He also denies rumors he’s shock-rocker Marilyn Manson: ”I get a dozen E-mails a week asking if it’s true.”

Daniel Stern
(The wistful narrator) Currently: After goofing off in Bushwhacked and Celtic Pride, he’s starring in the upcoming comedy Very Bad Things and the ABC movie Tourist Trap. The Wonder of fame: ”My agent thought I was an idiot because I never took a credit on the show. But I thought it would be cool if no one knew it was me.”

Ben Stein
(Emotion-free egghead teach Mr. Cantwell) Currently: Hosts Comedy Central game show Win Ben Stein’s Money. Would you do a Wonder reunion? ”Oh, my God, in a second! I loved, loved, loved working on it! I remember walking out to my car and crying after the last show. The only bad thing was that they made my classroom all smoky to give it a nostalgic look. I hated inhaling the smoke.”

The Wonder Years

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