Carey On

Thank you, Degen Pener, for your cover story on Mariah Carey (#398, Sept. 26). Being a devoted Mariah fan since her start, it’s nice to know that she is determined to stay true to herself and her music, regardless of what the tabloids and ex-associates want people to believe. I think it’s quite obvious that Mariah, full of talent, integrity, and beauty, is more than ready to grow, personally and professionally, on her own terms. So I say to Mariah, you go, girl!
Pickerington, Ohio

Gold star for EW. When I picked up this issue, I was instantly touched by an angel. Your cover featuring Mariah Carey was the most angelic-looking cover I have ever seen any magazine produce. You managed to capture the radiance of a musical goddess and you successfully provided her fans with an in-depth interview on her shaky marriage and her metamorphosis into an all-around musical diva. Great job, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, and continue producing covers that are as heavenly as Mariah’s was.
Wise, Va.

What a ‘Jag’

In your Sept. 26 issue, Bruce Fretts discusses ”the real winners — and losers — of this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards” (Remote Patrol). What was most disappointing was that in his attempt to chide the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for overlooking the uniqueness of Homicide: Life on the Street, he saw fit to disparage JAG as an unimportant series (his choice of words was even less flattering). For all of us who are very proud of our work on the series and for our over 10 million loyal viewers, please know, Mr. Fretts, that you are entitled to your opinion but it is possible to praise a show that you like without resorting to petty, unfair, unjust, and untrue comparisons with another that you may not.
Coexecutive Producer, JAG
Hollywood, Calif.

O Canada

Hats off, EW! Thanks to Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Schwarzbaum for their coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival. My best friend and I make a 1,000-mile pilgrimage to this event annually, because Toronto puts the focus on films and filmmaking. Even the premieres are comfortable events. As you wait in line for rush tickets you are open to the rare opportunity to safely converse with the guy or gal standing next to you. It’s a love of film, a good movie, a glimpse of the screen icon or an up-and-coming star from Australia that brews in this comfort zone. It’s the only place where I’ve met a person in line Friday night, to see them again on Sunday afternoon, where they brag that they’ve seen 15 movies in the two days, and if they don’t get into this one, they’ll grab a bite to eat … to hell with sleeping!
Thunder Bay, Ontario

‘Zone’ Groan

I do not understand how EW could discuss the great actor Burgess Meredith and not mention his classic performances on Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. ”Time Enough at Last” is one of my favorite TZ episodes. Anyone who watches bookish Henry Bemis finally get time to enjoy his cherished books, only to have his thick reading glasses break in the conclusion, cannot help but be affected by this sad twist of fate.
Hartselle, Ala.