Star quotes from around the web

”Acting and modeling have nothing to do with each other. It’s like saying ‘You’re a singer, so you should be able to act.’ They’re completely different skills. One is purely emotional; the other is purely physical. One is a relationship between a steel camera — a static piece of machinery — and the model. The other is a relationship between two actors being spied on by a moving camera.”
The Edge‘s ELLE MACPHERSON on E! Online

”When you’re in a chat room and no one can see you, everyone is an 18-year-old girl from the farmlands of Alabama who snuck into her father’s office to get on the Internet, and they are all talking to you. Yeah, right. You know it is people who are probably overage, overweight, and bedridden. They are probably bedridden, sickly seniors who are typing out their messages with their tongues.”
NewsRadio‘s ANDY DICK on America Online

”The most glorious thing [about stand-up comedy] is when you’re really killing and doing well. There’s nothing like a really crowded room full of drunks pounding the tables and not able to breathe because they’re laughing so hard at something you said.”
The Drew Carey Show‘s DREW CAREY on AOL

”[George Clooney’s] appeal? Ha. Oh, yeah, he’s got … this sort of charming vulnerability, George, yet mixed with this outrageous mischievousness, so you never know what’s going to happen next. From all my girlfriends, that seems to be the major question: ‘What’s George Clooney like?’ The second major question is ‘Is he single?”’
The Peacemaker‘s NICOLE KIDMAN on E! Online

”[My real hair] color is very close to the dark shade that I have now. I am Irish after all, and I come by the black hair and white skin thing naturally. Unlike Michael Jackson.”
Going All the Way‘s ROSE McGOWAN on AOL