Look and Learn: Jamiroquai's Jay Kay knows the hat makes the man

Before we knew his name, we knew his hat. The recent success of Jamiroquai owes a lot to singer Jay Kay’s tall, extra-fuzzy topper, made by Brit designer Brian Harris. Kay, 26, admits his signature mad hatting is a bit of self-promotion. ”It’s difficult,” Kay says, ”to forget someone with a strange name you can’t pronounce — and a large hat.” Knockoffs of the Dr. Seuss-style hat are cropping up in flea markets. Even Louis Vuitton has tipped its cap by giving Kay a chapeau covered in its logos. ”I’m particular about the hats I wear,” says Kay, ”and when I pulled it out of the box, I thought it wasn’t going to work. But actually I liked it [because] it’s so malleable.” But what’s underneath the hat worn by this cat? ”Just some fast-receding hair,” says Kay, ”and the remnants of a brain.”