Going All The Way

TV and music-video director Mark Pellington puts his restless, downtown-Impressionist aesthetic sensibilities to work in the service of adapting Dan Wakefield’s best-selling 1970 novel about the friendship between two young men, home from the Korean War in 1954 Indianapolis and trying to figure out what comes next. The interesting result is an old-fashioned coming-of-age story with a newfangled art-film look — which in turn makes the sexual climate of the 1950s feel very contemporary — either that, or you’ll be confused by MTV’s apparent influence during the Eisenhower years. In Going All the Way Jeremy Davies plays a variation on his sexually inflamed geek from Spanking the Monkey (this time he’s the inflamed geek son of a cloyingly religious mother, taken on with a vengeance by Jill Clayburgh); Chasing Amy’s Ben Affleck is the suaver of the pair, the son of a sophisticated flirt (vamped by Lesley Ann Warren). Girlfriends passing through include Amy Locane (Carried Away) as the true-blue hometown sweetie who doesn’t stand a chance even though (this becoming a Locane specialty) she’s more than willing to take off her blouse. B

Going All The Way
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