Hollywood couples aren't afraid to match

To match or not to match? For some Hollywood couples the answer is a resounding ”Match!” When Will Smith and Jada Pinkett appeared at the Oscars in corresponding green Versace, little did they know they’d spark a fashion trend. Sartorial solidarity is in: Last month, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche wore brown Pamela Dennis outfits to the Emmys — DeGeneres sported pants while Heche opted for a slinky cocktail dress. And Bruce Willis showed up wearing a tie that nicely accented Demi Moore‘s shimmering midnight blue gown. Though such planning may be too much togetherness for your average couple, it’s ideal for a Hollywood twosome. ”If you’re in a crowd of people, you can kind of tell who’s with who,” says L.A.-based stylist Linda Medvene, who dressed both DeGeneres and Heche. ”And matching couples look comfortable with each other.” But designer Todd Oldham isn’t buying it. ”It is kind of lovely that someone would want to coordinate things together,” says Oldham, ”but it’s also kind of a scary, cheerlead-y thing.”