This week on the music beat

BABYFACE BOOM Is Kenneth ”Babyface” Edmonds trying to wrest that ”King of All Media” title from Howard Stern? With Soul Food, Babyface’s first venture into film production, earning glowing reviews and doing brisk box office business, the pop star/producer is now looking to conquer television. Fox Broadcasting Co. confirms that it bought the idea for a sitcom from Babyface and his wife, Tracey Edmonds. The show, tentatively called Schoolin‘, is reportedly about two black men who decide to go back to school. Says a Fox spokesman: ”They came in and pitched the project, and we said, ‘Let’s write a script and see where we go.”’ No word yet on who might star in the show, but considering that the photogenic Babyface has guested on Fox’s Beverly Hills, 90210, it wouldn’t be a total surprise if one of the characters had a familiar face.

MANSON FAMILY FEUD Ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist Scott Putesky (a.k.a. Daisy Berkowitz) filed a breach-of-contract suit seeking undetermined compensatory damages against the band’s leader and its attorney, Sept. 2 in Florida’s Broward County Circuit Court. Putesky, a founding member of the shock-rock group, alleges that he never received royalties for any of the songs he cowrote and that he was paid a salary of only $250 a week even after the band made it big. He’s the second ex-Mansonite to sue the group — former bassist Brad Stewart (a.k.a. Gidget Gein) filed a similar suit in Broward County in 1995. According to Putesky’s attorney, Richard Wolfe, his client was fired by Manson (né Brian Warner) himself during the 1996 recording sessions for Antichrist Superstar, the band’s latest album. Says Wolfe: ”[Putesky] is a young kid who devoted five years of his life to being in Marilyn Manson and now has nothing to show for it.” Says Putesky: ”I’m not asking for anything more than I deserve.” Manson had no comment on the suit (but we can’t wait to see what he wears to court).

DUST DEVILS Having survived working with the Rolling Stones, the Dust Brothers are producing the soundtrack to Orgazmo, a comedy about the porn industry. The live-action movie, directed by Trey Parker (cocreator of Comedy Central’s cult animation series South Park), has been described by Dust Brother John King as a Spi¨al Tap-ish look at the blue-movie biz through the eyes of ”a pornographic superhero and his sidekick.” King, who calls the album ”a priority,” says several bands have signed on, including Sukia, 10 Cent, and Primus. The latter recorded their track last week. ”You’d never know it was us,” says Primus frontman Les Claypool of the song, which was written for a specific scene. Claypool says he found the presence of ”a lot of actual porno stars” in the movie to be ”inspiring.” Is Orgazmo terribly raunchy? ”Only in a parodic sense,” says Claypool, who knows a thing or two about raunchy parody (e.g., Primus’ 1995 novelty hit ”Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”).