Arriving like a tonic for America’s collective ’80s hangover, Northern Exposure (A&E, weeknights 6-7 p.m.) debuted in July 1990 offering the old-fashioned, New Age-y oasis of Cicely, Alaska. The dramedy focused on Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow), the New York-bred doctor who sees his yuppie ambitions derailed yet finds his soul amid Cicely’s crunchy eccentrics, among them bush pilot Maggie O’Connell (Janine Turner), slacker savant Ed Chigliak (Darren E. Burrows), and airhead with a heart of gold Shelly Tambo (Cynthia Geary). Also on board as Cicely’s space-case DJ, Chris Stevens, was John Corbett, now plying his otherworldly charms as The Visitor.

Northern Exposure
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