The devil is in the bookmarks in this list of funny web page predictions

Forget the medicine cabinet. If you want to peer into your friends’ private lives nowadays, sneak a peak at their laptops. Specifically, check out their bookmarks — those oh-so-revealing listings of favorite World Wide Web sites.

Our friends in Hollywood, unfortunately, are a paranoid lot, guarding their PCs like Doberman pinschers. No matter. We made some educated guesses as to what the bookmarks of the stars might be. (And yes, all these Net sites actually exist.)

Frank Gifford // Best New York Hotels — Mark’s Apology Note Generator — The Girdled Stewardess

Christian Slater // Postmodern Cannibalism — Ultimate Jack Nicholson Page — Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page

Eddie Murphy // Random Acts of Kindness — High Heel Shoe Shack — RuPaul Backstage Pass Home Page

Pamela Anderson Lee // Silicon and Silicone: two different things! — Acting Workshop On-Line — Hydrogen Peroxide: Distributions, Sources and Sinks

David Letterman // Frequently Asked Questions About Rogaine — Mobile Scanner & Radar Detector Laws — Is Prozac for You?

Joan Lunden // Learn About KFC — Résumé Express — How to Kill Time

Jerry Seinfeld // Teen Ranch — One Million Dollars — Nabokov and Cultural Synthesis

Sylvester Stallone // National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance — Modern Language Vocabulary Builders — The Steroid Bible

Jim Carrey // The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest — Divorce Wizards — The Official Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store

Rosie O’Donnell // ”Ron’s Doughnut of the Week” — Lushgirl’s Tom Cruise Page — TV Theme Song Central

Larry King // Prenuptial Agreements, Part 2 — ”Suspenders make a person upright & smart.” — National Softball Association

Howard Stern // Male Enhancement Clinic — Red Hot Monogamy — Saffie and Daphne’s Anti-Kathie Lee Gifford Page

Woody Allen //Surviving Midlife Crisis — Father & Daughter Show — alt.adoption.issues

Mick Jagger // Welcome to Super Poli-Grip — The Consumer’s Guide to Hip and Knee Replacement — 401k Forum