Dirty Jokes and Beer

Mercifully, Drew Carey, star of ABC’s hit The Drew Carey Show, eschews the watered-down collection of humor pabulum usually found in books like this. In Dirty Jokes and Beer he actually divulges behind-the-scenes information, from ABC censors’ notes on Drew scripts (”Lewis’s reference to ‘penis enlarging’ will not be acceptable”) to the always juicy, deep dark secret (”When I was nine, I was sexually molested. Hey, that ought to sell some books, huh?”). Still, Dirty Jokes spends 10 chapters on unfunny ”comic” essays (sample topics: Tailhook, dieting) that Carey says the publisher insisted he include. ”I wrote it while holding a gun to my own head,” he writes. That’s funny, I read it that way. C+

Dirty Jokes and Beer
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