We present the 30 most beautiful and entertaining websites in the world.


Best Online TV Listings // GIST // (www.gist.com) Not only the gist, it’s also extensive daily listings, including programming lists for premium cable channels, customizable skeds, and smart editorial content. Far superior to your average offline TV guide.

Best Show Site // MR. SHOW // (http://www.mrshow.com) Bob & David, the guys behind HBO’s cult alterna-comedy hit Mr. Show, have built a gag-laden screen’s worth of comic weirdness, including a QuickTime clip of the brilliant movie-trailer spoof Coupon.

Best Narrow-Subject TV Site // TV SINGLE DADS HALL OF FAME // (www.user.shentel.net/jimokane/tvdad.html) Real-life single dad Jim O’Kane’s site devoted to the small-screen single pop is the repository of info on the Ben Cartwrights and Andy Griffiths of the TV scene.

Best Snarky TV Site // TV HOLE // (www.tvhole.com) The black hole of lame TV programming gets its comeuppance on this sly and witty site that skewers TV excesses. The verdict on this season’s new shows: They stink.

Best Episode Guide // THE EPISODE GUIDES PAGE // (www.xnet.com/~djk/ main_page.shtml) From The A-Team to The Young Ones, this stellar site offers links to breakdowns on virtually every TV show ever broadcast. Full of obsessive minutiae about the shows, too.


Best Web-Based Game // YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: THE NET SHOW // (www.bezerk.com) The wiseacre, hugely popular CD-ROM games made a seamless transition online last spring, with the same tongue-in-cheek questions and new multiplayer tourneys offering cash prizes.

Best Web Soap // DADAHOUSE// (www.dadahouse.com) An intriguing, interactive ”cybersex soap opera” that takes its lead from the Dada art movement. While that may sound a tad highfalutin, the execution turns out to be surreal and kinkily engrossing.

Best Gaming Resource // GAME SPOT/ VIDEO GAME SPOT // (www.gamespot.com; http://www.videogamespot.com). These two meticulously designed Spots (one covers PC gaming, the other Nintendo, Sega, and Sony wares) offer an enormous quantity of news, previews, and demos. In-depth features like the ”History of Video Games” will bring you back for repeat visits.

Best Entertainment News Source // E! ONLINE // (www.eonline.com) Propelled by its sister cable network’s showbiz rep, E! Online’s coverage of all things entertainment is unbeatable. With A-list celeb Q & A’s and insider dish, it’s a must-bookmark for the entertainment junkie.

Best Art Installation // HOTWIRED’S RGB GALLERY // (www.hotwired.com/ rgb) A recurring feature on HotWired’s vast site, the RGB Gallery showcases the most innovative work from cutting-edge digital artists. And unlike other memory-munching virtual installations, RGB achieves both simplicity and surprise.


Best Info Source // INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE // (www.imdb.com) With 100,000-plus films, 1.6 million bio entries, links to reviews, fan sites, and more, IMDb has become the most beloved mother lode of movie knowledge in any medium.