Total Security

The total randomness of Total Security is signaled by the presence of James Belushi as a perpetually horny, crude, buffoonish private investigator whom I can only guess we’re supposed to think of as a hero. Working for a Los Angeles security firm headed up by the pleasingly phlegmatic James Remar, Belushi’s Steve Wegman fends off the advances of three beautiful women in the space of two episodes, thus qualifying Security as the most realistic weekend show since Touched by an Angel. Among the otherwise impact-free costars, only one makes an impression: Once again, Debrah Farentino (Earth 2, EZ Streets) has been tucked into a series in which her tough-minded charm is squandered (for the record, she seems to be the most efficient investigator in this company).

Security is a Steven Bochco production, his last one under his deal with ABC, and the series has the smell of burn-off. While the show’s action scenes have a crisp snap — it is Bochco, after all — the L.A. atmosphere is limited to a mention that Brad Pitt is a client. Watching these goofballs, you may begin to think that Pitt decided to go on location for that Tibet movie just to get away from his security firm. C-

Total Security
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