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Finally, Kirstie Alley is getting the credit she deserves. She is the most stunningly gorgeous, comedically talented woman around. Thanks for making her your cover girl (#396, Sept. 12).
Burlington, Ontario

Well, photographer George Lange has certainly outdone himself this time! After reading the Editor’s Letter in the Fall TV Preview, I was expecting some pretty striking photos. But this did not prepare me in the least for the gorgeous photo spreads. The powder blue Cinderella setting of the Brandy photo was absolutely astonishing. I think I’ll frame it!
Williston Park, N.Y.

Thank you for remaining one of the only major magazines with a little attitude, a little sass. Case in point: this year’s one-word review of Diagnosis Murder (”Nah”). Thanks for knowing that it’s okay to pick sides and stand up for what you like (NewsRadio) and mock the tripe (You Wish). In this age of whitewashed, celebrity-sucking praise magazines, you are a rare forum for honest critical expression. Maybe you should have included yourselves in the Guilty Pleasures issue.
Sun Valley, Calif.

Is most everyone at EW one of the bubble-headed teens or twentysomethings that most of the schlock on network and independent television is aimed at these days? How dare you dismiss one of the more endearing shows (Diagnosis Murder) aimed at a more mature audience that’s not heavy drama with a mere ”Nah” — the only show to rate such a dismissal. The least you could have done was an overview, as was done with all the other shows, even such empty-headed fluff as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Family Matters, etc. Shame on you!
Van Nuys, Calif.

As a true fan of Homicide: Life on the Street, I just want to thank you for mentioning it. Its ratings aren’t always high, but that doesn’t affect its quality. Maybe with this kind of coverage more people will recognize the quality of the plots and acting that Homicide offers.
Long Sault, Ontario


We were unpleasantly surprised to see a recent EW headlining Guilty Pleasures on its cover (#395, Sept. 5). ”Guilty Pleasures” has been a much-loved element of Film Comment magazine for almost 20 years. Dual credit for the idea belongs to then editor Richard Corliss and our first public confessor, Martin Scorsese, who bravely, nay proudly, cited dozens of movies that spoke to his heart even as his head tried to warn him off. No one has a copyright on the ”so bad it’s good” concept, but it is terribly uncool to appropriate not only a concept but the very title long associated with a rival publication, indeed, for longer than your publication has existed.
Editor, Film Comment
New York City

EDITOR’S NOTE: Who knew? Not us, but we apologize for inadvertently offending. By the way, VH1 aired ”Guilty Pleasures Weekend” on Sept. 20, including a groan-o-meter like the one we invented. Should we write them a joint letter of complaint?

CLARIFICATION: Our story on TV news coverage of Princess Diana’s death should have noted that MSNBC also fell victim to a Howard Stern prankster (N&N).