Quotes found online this week from Tia Carrere, Vicki Lewis, Adam Clayton, and more

”I have a pretty easy job, i.e., tangoing with Arnold [Schwarzenegger, playing the] girlfriend of Sean Connery, kissy-face with Kevin Sorbo…. [My fantasy role is] to play a drugged-out, totally messed-up punk-rock singer, or a jazz singer who commits suicide…like Sid and Nancy.”
Kull the Conqueror‘s TIA CARRERE on Prodigy

”I’m embarrassed to say that I do have a Macintosh 6100 whose sole purpose is to entertain me with solitaire. I did place a really nice antique clock on top of it, and it has a really nice New York skyline for a screensaver. When people come over, they think I’m way smarter than I am. When I’m feeling really heady, I change the desktop pattern.”
NewsRadio‘s VICKI LEWIS on Prodigy

”I absolutely hate being involved in the making of music videos. I abhor them. But that’s a hard thing to say when you’re lugging around the biggest TV screen in the world [on U2’s current tour, PopMart]. Unfortunately, the visual presentation of music is upon us — you can’t turn the clock back. I never know what half the videos are going on about, and I prefer to listen to the record. But, hey — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”
U2 bassist ADAM CLAYTON on U2 PopMart Online on Microsoft Network

”I don’t know what [movie is going to be] commercial and what isn’t. If I could read a script and say, ‘Wow, this is going to make $150 million,’ I’d probably do it. I base my decisions on what I like. It’s really not any more calculated than that.”
A Thousand Acres‘ MICHELLE PFEIFFER ON E! Online

”I actually was class clown, but I don’t know how that happened because I’ve never been considered an outwardly funny person — as the people in this room will attest.”
Stand-up grrrl JANEANE GAROFALO on AOL’s the Hub