''The Simpsons,'' Tom Cruise, Stephen King, and more all appear in the latest edition

There isn’t an awards show for it yet, but with the number of celebrities in The Guinness Book of World Records 1998 (on sale this month), there may be one soon: More than 200 entertainment-based record smashers appear in this latest edition. According to Guinness managing editor Christine Heilman, celebs appear primarily in special TV and movie sections. After all, she notes, ”you wouldn’t expect Tom Cruise to set a milk-bottle-balancing record.” Some of the new additions:

— Longest-running prime-time cartoon: The Simpsons (178 episodes).
— Most expensive TV series renewal: Seinfeld (reportedly $120 million).
— Highest new entry by a British act on the U.S. charts: Spice Girls (“Say You’ll Be There,” No. 5).
— The only actor with five consecutive $100 million-plus- grossing movies: Tom Cruise.
— Most books on the best-seller list at one time: Stephen King (all six parts of The Green Mile).
— Best-selling video: The Lion King (55 million worldwide).
— Biggest one-day box office gross: The Lost World ($22 million).
— Most costume changes: Madonna (85) for Evita.