Negativland and Master P made news the week of September 26, 1997

SODA POP Negativland are at it again. Six years ago, the Bay Area satirical group was forced by Island Records to recall and destroy copies of its controversial U2 EP (which used the Irish band’s music in a profane aural collage). Now, Negativland are taking on the cola industry with a new album, Dispepsi, whose 13 tracks fuse jingles, dialogue, and music in a Zappa-like parody of soft-drink marketing. Although the cover unmistakably resembles the Pepsi logo, the company has no plans to sue. Says an amused Pepsi spokesman of the album: ”It’s no Odelay, but it’s a pretty good listen.”

RESTIN’ P Just as most folks are learning who the heck he is, upstart rap sensation Master P announces that he will retire after his next album. ”I’m going to ease out of the rap game and concentrate on building my company up,” says P, whose fourth solo CD, Ghetto D, surprised many by vaulting to the top of the Billboard pop chart last week. P, who has run the indie No Limit label since 1990 and released the successful direct-to-video movie I’m Bout It earlier this summer, says he plans to concentrate on filmmaking. Wouldn’t you know it: The guy wanted to direct all along.